Hot crowds, hot comics, hot fest!
— Mark Normand | 2015 Headliner

Rogue Island Comedy Festival is now accepting submissions from comics!
The 2017 festival takes place Oct 5-9, 2017 in Newport, Rhode Island.


What we're looking for: As we enter the 3rd year of our festival, we'd like to welcome some new talent to Newport! We're looking to create another diverse lineup of seasoned comics. 

Rogue Island believes artists should be paid for their work. We pay each and every one of our comics. Additionally, we can assist with booking nearby gigs while you're in town, if your schedule allows.  We also feed you, beer you, give you lots of fun goodies, and help with accommodations and transportation if needed. Submission dollars are used to narrow the entries, ensure a high level of talent and commitment for all performers, and to support a diligent screening process by ensuring submissions are reviewed by all members of the Rogue team. 

Rogue Island Comedy Festival is absolutely, 100% a non-competitive event. Every show is in a showcase format and produced to set you up for success before you’ve even grabbed the mic. The festival is designed not only to showcase your talent in front of audiences in intimate settings, but we also work to create spaces to network with your peers and guests. Over the course of several nights of packed-out shows, you will have the opportunity not only to showcase your talent, but perform for a diverse, open-minded audience. We want you to have the opportunity to perform, relax, network, and have a lot of fun in Newport!

Please note that submission to this festival does not guarantee entry. Submissions will close on June 15th, 2017, and selected performers will be notified by the end of June.